23 Awesome Customer Service Stories (Infographic)

WHAT every business loves is having customers; what every business loves ever more is having customers return! If a company wants their customers to keep coming back for more, aside from offering great products or services at any time, they have to respect the rule that the customer is always right! Moreover, they have to grant unique benefits that differ from the ones that brands from the same industry offer.

Let’s take a look at Nordstrom, for example; in addition to luxury retail on offer, Nordstrom promo codes are another way of attracting customers. Another great example of proper customer service is Groupon. Besides the well-known Groupon deals and offers, this e-commerce marketplace boasts extremely punctuate and knowledgeable customer service. Most of the successful businesses nowadays have the best customer reviews in their sleeve as their most powerful advantage over other companies. How did they manage to gather such awesome reviews? By offering the best customer service!

There’s nothing else that travels as fast as rumour does; there are millions of customers’ experiences which are nothing more or less than just rumours. However, once shared over the web, these customer service experiences can shape our opinion – and our opinion as customers is all that matters to businesses who are trying to beat their competition! Engage in reading the selected 23 customer service stories below, and discover how a customer should be treated!



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