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ABOUT US: Making a Difference


Ethical Recruitment Services is all about the COMMON GOOD.

We see the Bigger Picture.

By helping allocate human resources efficiently, we aim to help develop communities, nations and contribute to a stable and growing world economy.

Mission & Objectives:

  • To contribute to a reduction in unemployment and underemployment.
  • Empowerment of currently and historically disadvantaged persons.
  • To promote diversity together with employers.
  • To assist growth of SMEs, NPFs and the voluntary sectors through affordable, specially tailored recruitment solutions.

We see our role as contributing not only to strong communities and nations but also to a strong and stable world economy.



  • Manage job postings.
  • Manage job applications.
  • Manage advertising plan.
  • Set up a company profile.
  • Market your organisation on our Blog.
  • Access and view CVs.


  • Quick application process.
  • Easy application tracking.
  • Save favourite jobs and share jobs on social/professional media.
  • Set up Job Alerts.
  • Set up Profile and post a CV so employers easily get to know what you’re after.

How we work:

Ads: Ethical Recruitment Services provides employers and other recruiters a platform to advertise job vacancies for a reasonable fee, the first two months being free for each advertiser.

Introductions: Ethical Recruitment will introduce potential suitable candidates to employers. Employers will be charged an affordable flat fee when they recruit a candidate introduced to them by us.

CVs/Resumes: For a reasonable payment, employers can access candidate CVs in our database.

Our Values:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity – we embrace and celebrate all of the world’s beautiful cultures.
  • Transparency in the recruitment process.
  • Fairness – pay that is commensurate with qualifications & experience and a clear career progression plan for our candidates.

Our emphasis is on quality – quality, ethical employers and quality, ethical candidates.

Ethical Recruitment Services

Ethical Recruitment Services is registered in England and Wales: registration number 10294836. Find out more About Us.

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You can easily get in touch using our Contact Form. Alternatively, email us at jobs@ethicalemployment.com