New app promises to cut costs for care providers, boost carers’ pay

CARE providers and care workers are set to benefit from a new mobile application that is scheduled to launch in the next few weeks. Known as DIRECTCareHub, the new app promises greater choice for both care companies and care workers. DIRECTCareHub is expected to boost the earnings of care workers by up to 50% an hour, while also reducing the

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How important is shoppers’ psychology?

WITH the constant evolution of modern technology, companies are able to acquire more information in order to understand the psychology of potential customers. It is important to get to know customers and the factors that influence their behaviour and shopping decisions. Research shows that people get a boost in oxytocin levels (also known as the love hormone) when they receive

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23 Awesome Customer Service Stories (Infographic)

WHAT every business loves is having customers; what every business loves ever more is having customers return! If a company wants their customers to keep coming back for more, aside from offering great products or services at any time, they have to respect the rule that the customer is always right! Moreover, they have to grant unique benefits that differ

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The Consumer Shift to Online Shopping: Some Very Interesting New Facts

MANY people love going out shopping at their favorite stores – it’s a brilliant way to have fun with friends, pass the time and blow off some steam. However, it can also be a nightmare, especially during peak seasons and holiday periods. There can be large crowds, long queues and carry lots of bags is not everyone’s favorite thing to

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How to improve care: the good & the bad of the UK care industry

First-hand accounts & recommendations from highly experienced top UK carers SOMEBODY you love is seriously injured. Or they’re getting old and can’t cope on their own. Or they’re born with or develop a health condition you could never understand. Are they going to be looked after? Will you get value for money? These are some of the issues Andrew Milbank

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You don’t have to dread those graduate aptitude tests

Practice kits to land the job of your dreams MANY companies use aptitude tests as a screening method for graduate roles. Some employers even use aptitude tests for senior positions. Tests that are popular with employers include: Numerical Reasoning Tests. Verbal Reasoning Tests. Inductive. Diagrammatic. Logical. Psychometric. Situational Judgement Tests. In-Tray Exercises. Many employers use tests provided by SHL,

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How To Promote Your Physical Store Online? Strategy From Semalt That Actually Works

Getting more people to visit your retail store is a sure way of increasing your sales. But is it possible to market a physical store just like an online store? The old belief that the internet harms brick and mortar stores is not true. Actually, the internet allows business owners to discover and reach out to more potential customers.

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Improve your financial modelling skills

Prepare yourself for a rewarding career FINANCIAL modelling skills are increasingly becoming an essential requirement in accounting and other professions, such as project management. Graduates without practical work experience often find themselves short of this key requirement. Different employers seek different skills levels, ranging from the most basic to highly complicated algorithms. If you are looking to work in

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6 Ways To Be More Hirable . . . And 1 That Could Land You A Job Today

THE hunt for a job can be confusing, tedious and frustrating. It’s hard enough for most people to find job openings they like, much less stand out in a sea of candidates. Employers want to hire someone who will help their team succeed—someone who is passionate, knowledgeable and not afraid to give it their all. They want new hires who

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McDonald’s makes an unprecedented move to win back lost customers

McDonald’s is forking up a ton of cash to help franchisees fund costly restaurant upgrades in an unprecedented move to win back lost customers. This means customers will soon see a lot of changes coming to McDonald’s restaurants across the US, as the promise of funding will make franchisees far more willing than in the past to initiate upgrades and remodels.     Read More .

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Franchising Opportunities – Global

DO YOU want to become your own boss – an entrepreneur who works at their own chosen time and in their own chosen environment, doing something they passionately love and operating a professional services franchise that has the potential to grow into a huge, successful business? If you are driven, goal-oriented and have excellent communication and relationship-building skills, then this

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Professional Courses & Training

HERE you will find several nationally and internationally recognised professional courses that are available in your area(s) of interest. Most people go on to study for professional qualifications even after obtaining a degree. This is because employers tend to regard an industry professional qualification as a reliable measure of professional competence. Here are links to some top courses . .

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Opportunities for professionals who want to return to work

FOR DIFFERENT reasons, some professionals find that they have to take a break from work for long periods of time, sometimes up to several years. People may leave their job to take care of a sick family member, due to personal illness or because of other circumstances beyond their control. Female professionals may decide to take a break to raise

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UK sees fastest decline in number of candidates seeking permanent roles

THE month of March saw the fastest decline in permanent candidate availability in 15 months, according to the latest recent Markit/Recruitment and Employment Confederation UK Report on Jobs seen by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). According to SIA, the global adviser on staffing and workforce solutions, data from the report also showed that permanent placements also grew in March, but at

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