How to improve care: the good & the bad of the UK care industry

First-hand accounts & recommendations from highly experienced top UK carers

SOMEBODY you love is seriously injured.

Or they’re getting old and can’t cope on their own.
Or they’re born with or develop a health condition you could never understand.

Are they going to be looked after?
Will you get value for money?

These are some of the issues Andrew Milbank and Tony Jannone discuss in their new book, Who Cares? We do.

Milbank and Jannone explore the challenges faced by carers in the UK, including low pay, poor working conditions, staff shortages, dealing with clients with challenging behaviour, and the life of zero-hours contract workers from care agencies.

They discuss the “legal minefield” surrounding carers and the dilemma it poses, and also offer tips to those new to care.

The brave heroes who give their all under demanding conditions are saluted, while actions of the villains of the care industry are exposed.

There are tales of unscrupulous care companies whose sole aim is to make a killing at the expense of the UK taxpayer, and there is advice on finding the right care home for loved ones.

Written in a witty and humorous style, occasionally using the odd strong word to suit the situation, the book suggests recommendations on how to improve the UK care industry.

This is a must-read for policymakers, those working in the care sector, as well as care business owners and anyone with an interest in the care industry.

  • Andrew Milbank and Tom Jannone have worked in the UK care industry for a total of more than 30 years.
  • Who Cares? We do is available HERE.

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