New app promises to cut costs for care providers, boost carers’ pay

CARE providers and care workers are set to benefit from a new mobile application that is scheduled to launch in the next few weeks. Known as DIRECTCareHub, the new app promises greater choice for both care companies and care workers. DIRECTCareHub is expected to boost the earnings of care workers by up to 50% an hour, while also reducing the

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How important is shoppers’ psychology?

WITH the constant evolution of modern technology, companies are able to acquire more information in order to understand the psychology of potential customers. It is important to get to know customers and the factors that influence their behaviour and shopping decisions. Research shows that people get a boost in oxytocin levels (also known as the love hormone) when they receive

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The Consumer Shift to Online Shopping: Some Very Interesting New Facts

MANY people love going out shopping at their favorite stores – it’s a brilliant way to have fun with friends, pass the time and blow off some steam. However, it can also be a nightmare, especially during peak seasons and holiday periods. There can be large crowds, long queues and carry lots of bags is not everyone’s favorite thing to

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How to improve care: the good & the bad of the UK care industry

First-hand accounts & recommendations from highly experienced top UK carers SOMEBODY you love is seriously injured. Or they’re getting old and can’t cope on their own. Or they’re born with or develop a health condition you could never understand. Are they going to be looked after? Will you get value for money? These are some of the issues Andrew Milbank

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Do you struggle with your writing? Try this handy tool

HAVING worked as a journalist in the past, I am often asked by university students to proofread their written assignments before submission. Almost every time I have been surprised at the spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes that I come across (not to say that these were uncommon in journalism!). For university students, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors can mean the

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UK careers fairs calendar for 2017 is out

Careers fairs present an opportunity for employers to recruit new talent. The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) university members has announced a few careers fairs for 2017 as follows: a) The Careers Fair 2017 This will take place on 8 February 2017 at Glasgow University. Previous recruiters in attendance have included Apple, PwC, AG Barr, Randox Laboratories, Aldi Stores, E.ON

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Hey, spread the news about your brand!

Online press releases are a sure way for businesses and other organisations to build and market their brand and let job candidates, clients and other stakeholders know about their products, activities and events such as recruitment days. It goes without saying that great brands attract great talent. Businesses and organisations can achieve this by disseminating relevant news to candidates, clients

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Post Job Ads For Free!

Ethical Recruitment Services is offering organisations an opportunity to advertise jobs for free on our website. The promotion will run for the next two months and offers advertisers a chance to cut advertising costs and assess our products while deciding on a suitable advertising plan with Ethical Recruitment Services. If you have any questions or you experience any technical problems

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