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You don’t have to dread those graduate aptitude tests

Practice kits to land the job of your dreams MANY companies use aptitude tests as a screening method for graduate roles. Some employers even use aptitude tests for senior positions. Tests that are popular with employers include: Numerical Reasoning Tests. Verbal Reasoning Tests. Inductive. Diagrammatic. Logical. Psychometric. Situational Judgement Tests. In-Tray Exercises. Many employers use tests provided by SHL,

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6 Ways To Be More Hirable . . . And 1 That Could Land You A Job Today

THE hunt for a job can be confusing, tedious and frustrating. It’s hard enough for most people to find job openings they like, much less stand out in a sea of candidates. Employers want to hire someone who will help their team succeed—someone who is passionate, knowledgeable and not afraid to give it their all. They want new hires who

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Are you over 40 and looking for a job? Job tips for the over-40s

In spite of their wealth of life and work experience, many people in the 40-plus age group often face challenges getting a new job or changing careers. Latest older worker employment statistics indicate that 3.25 million older men and women were economically inactive between August 2016 and December 2016, with more than 318 000 men and women aged above 50

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