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Job Summary

Learn and grow as you explore the art of leadership at the Apple Store. You’ll master our retail business inside and out through training, hands-on experience and mentorship. As part of a team, you’ll learn through collaboration with those around you. As an individual, you’ll further your personal development by making a real impact on the success of your store. If you’re a natural leader, the Apple Store Leader Programme is your opportunity to shine.

Key Qualifications

• Experience in leadership, whether at work, on a team or in your community.
• Strong desire to lead a team that runs a multimillion-pound, industry-leading retail operation.


In the first year of this unique 24-month programme, you rotate through various functions at our retail stores. During year two, you focus on leadership roles with top-level managers as your mentors and coaches. You learn as you work in each role, reflect on your experience, apply your insight and share with your team. By offering your observations, you foster positive change in your store and at stores worldwide. When you’ve successfully completed the programme with demonstrated leadership potential, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a leadership position at a store in one of our key markets.

To qualify, you must have a degree from a university or college with one of the following: a record of success in your studies or equivalent professional experience.
Additional Requirements

• You have a passion for technology and Apple.
• You’re fluent in English. Experience interacting with different cultures, time spent travelling abroad or familiarity with other languages is a plus.
• You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Submit your CV online along with a cover letter. Your cover letter should include the top three reasons why you would be a successful leader at one of our Apple Retail Stores.

Please remember to mention Ethical Recruitment Services when applying for this role.

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