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Location: London
Employment Type: Permanent
Team: Technology
Benefits: Competitive


Role overview:

The majority of News UK’s work is based in supporting its product technology teams that are working with Scrum or Kanban practices. You will need to ensure their backlogs are high quality in terms of content, visibility and understanding of business value. You will need to ensure you are working in partnership with the PO role to perform in depth analysis so that the PO is clear on what stories and acceptance criteria are required and important. And make sure there is a clear, measurable understanding of the business value of those stories. Teams and POs should write their own stories but you will need to coach the scrum teams on how to structure and format good stories and actively ensure you are not acting as a translator/scribe between the PO and the team. When stories are delivered ensure there is feedback to the team on the value that was created. You should actively find ways to understand News UK’s products and its business, aspirations and strategic direction.
There will be some work that is not based around core products and may be compliance related, or speculative investigative work. You should also expect to actively research best practice and strategic direction within the industry and find ways to share this back into the team.


What you will do . . .

Day to day you will:
• Select the appropriate business analysis approach, and obtain feedback and agreement on the selection from others.
• Perform stakeholder analysis.
• Determine how business analysis information will be organized.
• Understand the scope of the elicitation effort and facilitate elicitation activity.
• Obtain acknowledgement that stakeholders have a shared understanding of business analysis information.
• Set stakeholder expectations to ensure activities will run smoothly and they work toward a common goal.
• Identify assumptions and unknowns and utilize them to manage risks.
• Identify the benefits that a potential solution is expected to deliver and the costs associated with a potential solution.
• Prepare business cases including ROI and cost benefit analysis and track benefits realisation.
• Use estimation/sizing techniques.
• Use appropriate analysis documentation, e.g. user journeys, process flows, data flows, use cases, user stories.

About you:

Ideally, you will have 2-5 years’ experience within IT project delivery using agile practices and have developed the following soft skills:


• You’ll enjoy speaking with people so can communicate with senior leaders, peers and customers.
• Can present a problem and solution clearly and logically, and in a confident manner inspiring trust.
• Can communicate a risk in terms of project impact, in a way that gets leadership attention at the appropriate time.

Planning and Organisation

• Can work autonomously, manage own time, with high workload and competing priorities.
• Can accurately estimate time and effort to complete a task.
• Is delivery focussed and business value driven.

Structured Thinking

• Ability to break down complex issues into clear, concise and intelligent output.
• Understands the business reason behind requirements before making decisions.
• Can decompose the abstract into tangible detail – taking something large, ambiguous and conceptual and breaking it into smaller pieces, patterns and views.
• Can sequence business and technical process steps, decisions and events logically.
• Can sift through business and technical information to organise business requirements, process logic, technical requirements, design constraints, business rules.

Decision Making & Judgement

• Understands the importance of challenging decisions where a better solution should be considered.
• Ability to balance the needs of the business with the constraints of the project.
• Can understand the effect of a process change on technology and vice versa.


• Can inspire trust from business stakeholders in their knowledge of the business, potential solutions and their ability to deliver.
• Ability to manage stakeholder expectations in a sensitive and professional manner.
• Can get a team to an outcome or deadline without requiring detailed subject matter knowledge.
• Can manage business consultation for bringing complex issues to resolution and managing change, e.g. preparing items for governance groups.
• Can gain a good understanding of the formal and informal relationships within the organisation in order to influence and drive decision making.

Managing Relationships

• Understands the importance of shared information and knowledge management for the overall success of the organisation and breaks down information silos wherever possible.
• Maintains a network of contacts internally comprising those with expertise in a variety of areas outside those in the current sphere of activity.
• Actively builds and maintains relationships with team members to better understand and work toward wider team goals and vision.

Conflict Management

• Has good resilience and can manage conflict and constant change.
• Identifies and escalates potential conflicts so that action can be taken before they impact the business.


• Passionate about understanding and driving business value.
• Curious about the company, what it does, and its data and seeking out opportunities to collaborate and develop new ways to drive value.
• Chooses to be optimistic through challenging and testing times, recognising this drives morale and better outcomes.
• Demonstrates bravery in having difficult conversations, challenging the status quo or tackling tough problems.

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