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Are you an expert in commercial or corporate lending who can think outside the box to find creative solutions to complex problems?
Can you build incredible relationships with colleagues and customers?

Team: Lending Operations
Location: Holborn, London
Date Posted: 3-Jul-2017
Closing Date: 01-August-2017


Job Overview

As a Transaction Manager, you will work within our ever growing Lending Operations team. You will act as an expert on all documentation, security and legal due diligence questions relating to corporate and commercial lending applications.


What you will be doing . . .

  • Creating solutions to take deals forward if they snag somewhere along the way.
  • Leading internal and external parties to drawdown and completion.
  • Resolving any issues that crop up from time to time, thinking of different ways to move deals forward.
  • Protecting the Bank from potential losses.
  • Helping colleagues to make the right decisions when they come to you for advice.
  • Help negotiate facility documentation, making sure you balance the needs of our customer with the risk appetite of the bank.
  • Implementing and designing new processes where possible – this is a revolution!

You need to be this kind of person . . .

  • Passionate about providing unparalleled levels of service and convenience for customers.
  • Prepared to stick at something – we get nervous if someone has jumped from job to job.
  • Able to work and learn quickly in a fast paced, fun and dynamic environment.


Essential Requirements

  • You will need experience of writing commercial & corporate credit papers.
  • Knowledge of Loan Market Association documentation.
  • Financial analysis experience is required to understand company performance and corporate structures.
  • It would be ideal if you have familiarity with UK Property, Banking and Corporate law.


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