New app promises to cut costs for care providers, boost carers’ pay

CARE providers and care workers are set to benefit from a new mobile application that is scheduled to launch in the next few weeks.

Known as DIRECTCareHub, the new app promises greater choice for both care companies and care workers.

DIRECTCareHub is expected to boost the earnings of care workers by up to 50% an hour, while also reducing the huge costs most care providers often incur from using care agencies.

Nurses and carers will now be able to connect directly with care companies, eliminating intermediaries such as agencies. They will be able to upload their qualifications, training and other documents and to negotiate their pay directly with a care provider.

DIRECTCareHub enables users to track their shifts and includes an invoicing system detailing all shifts worked and payments due.

The app, which is scheduled to launch this spring, is the brainchild of Tom Jannone, Andrew  Milbank and Adrian Cooper.

Jannone and Milbank have worked in the care industry for several years and are well-known for their book, Who Cares? We Do, which highlighted their experiences in care and suggested recommendations to improve the care industry in the UK.

According to Jannone, the new app is also expected to result in huge savings for the NHS, which sometimes has to rely on staff from care agencies.

“Carers will benefit because instead of the average £8 an hour, we suggest £12 through the app due to savings for companies,” he said. “It cuts costs for all care providers by cutting out the middlemen currently being used, that is, the agencies, which charge from £15 to £20 an hour weekdays and are more expensive during weekends,” Jannone added.

DIRECTCareHub  will be trialled in Kent through March and April this year and Jannone is encouraging  health care workers to download the app and fill in their profiles ahead of the official launch.

The DIRECTCareHub  app is available for download HERE.



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